The action "I go up with my power" took place with great success in the underground station "Sintagma" in Saturday, 12 of May 2012. The action was organized by the Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise and the Stable Transportations A.E. (ΣΤΑ.ΣΥ. Α.Ε.) with main purpose to encourage passengers to use the stable stairways instead of the escalators during their transportations with the Underground, but also, in general to their everyday life. During the action, the proportion of the passengers that went up with the stable stairways was more than double. Specifically, it increased from 16% (according to a previous measurement) to 39%. This symbolic action of the promotion of exercise is under an attempt to highlight the beneficial effects of exercise to physical and mental health of humans. It also gives the message that small changes in everyday lifestyle, such as to walk more and to use stable stairways instead of escalators or elevators, can lead to significant improvements of our health. The Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise and the Stable Transportations A.E. will soon accomplish the same and other similar actions in Underground stations. 


Presentations of the Society to the Anniversary Congress for the 30 years of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Roundtable "The effect of exercise in biochemical indices of the metabolic syndrome" Speakers:
A. Jamurtas: Metabolic syndrome and exercise in childhood: the role of the adipokines
I. Fatouros: Resistance training and metabolic syndrome
A. Siopi: The metabonomic of the metabolic syndrome

Roundtable "Physiological background of the improvement of the power and the force in sports"
G. Terzis: Characteristics of skeletal muscles that contribute to the promotion of power and force
G. Bogdanis: Methods of improvement of muscle power and force in sports

I. Smilios: Physiological adaptations with the application of various resistance exercise programs